Who is ashley tisdale dating now older boys dating younger girls

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Who is ashley tisdale dating now

I do not know or own Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens or any other celebrities. I suppose you could say at least she bought me dinner first.

I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Network contacted them about doing a special recapping their friendship both Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens jumped at the chance. " "Oh yeah." Vanessa grinned, "But mostly I fucked Ashley since our characters were supposed to be in love. I didn't think they were friends anymore." "Yeah, but they reconnected big time." Vanessa grinned widely again, this time wiggling her eyebrows, "But like I said, the orgies didn't happen until later. Then we went back to her hotel room exchanging secrets and she told me about how she was basically dating her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell but they had an open relationship and they had both basically fucked every girl, and half the guys, on that show." "Oh my God!

but Vanessa had been acting really weird all day, and she just couldn't put her finger on it. She also couldn't stop thinking about something Vanessa had said, so once the cameras were off and everyone had gone home Ashley timidly asked her friend without looking at her, "So, did you mean what you said in the documentary? " Vanessa asked, before smiling and pointing out, "We both said a lot of things." "About..." Ashley blushed, hesitating for a second before continuing, "About the threesome? Well, there was this one time she and Selena licked my cunt while Rachel's tongue was up my ass, but trust me, you'll never forget your first time with a girl." "Wow..." Ashley murmured, so overwhelmed by what her best friend had been telling her that it took a few long seconds for those final words sink in, "Wait, what you mean I'll never forget my first time with a girl? " "Not if you don't want me too." Vanessa admitted, before quickly adding, "I really, really don't want to make you feel uncomfortable Ash, but I literally spent the past few months moaning your name while another blonde girl went down on me. As if reading her mind Vanessa added, "Obviously I don't want to ruin our friendship, because you're really important to me, but that's also why I'm doing this, and I think our friendship could be even more amazing if it came with sexy benefits." Ashley let out a deep sigh and then asked, "What if I don't like it? I promise." Vanessa said firmly, "But I really think you'd like it Ash." "How can you be so sure? "Because I did, even though I wasn't sure at first." Vanessa said softly, "And you didn't exactly seem grossed out when I was telling you about hooking up with the other Ashley and stuff." "I wasn't." Ashley admitted. If you don't like it, and I'm pretty sure you will." "I..." Ashley began. Just two girls having fun." "I'm..." Ashley tried to start again. The kiss was brief, but lasted long enough to take both girls breath away, the two of them just staring at each other for a minute or two before Ashley softly smiled, "What happened to us? We made a living being sweet and innocent, And now... In response Ashley smiled bashfully, which Vanessa returned and then kissed her again.

" Vanessa raised an eyebrow, and then smirked, "I meant every word I said in the documentary, especially that." "Oh." Ashley blushed. " Smiling widely, and hopefully softly, Vanessa scooted forward on the hotel bed they had been sitting on, "Ash-" "Wait, wait, wait! How could I not think about you, and how much I love you, when the other Ashley was making me feel so good. "And I'm not proposing here." Vanessa continued, "We don't have to treat this is a big deal. now we're talking about having sex." "Don't Disney girls deserve to grow up? This time it lasted not much longer than a minute or two, the entire world falling away and the only thing Ashley was aware of was Vanessa's lips, tongue, and her very feminine body pressed up against hers, which was different for her, and really weird, but also exciting and hot.

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TMZ is reporting that the former couple reached a property settlement agreement that they […] Giving credit where credit is due?

Victoria Beckham poked fun at son Brooklyn Beckham’s hairdo and jokingly blamed his on-again girlfriend, Chloe Grace Moretz, for the new look. ” the 43-year-old fashion designer captioned an Instagram photo on Wednesday, December 20, comparing her 18-year-old son, who sported a plaid shirt and facial […] 2017 was a major year for celebrity weddings: From Gucci Mane’s lavish and extravagant ceremony that spared no expense (and included a diamond bouquet) to Julianne Hough‘s down-home vibe to Julia Stiles‘ DL wedding ceremony with two guests, check out the most stylish celebrities who got married in the past year. After a rough beginning, Duchess Kate is in good spirits and having a relatively smooth pregnancy.

Even if that might have to wait until the end of the day. Then there were these casual touches she gave her, like putting an arm around her when they were close or placing a hand on her need to emphasise a point, which might have been innocent if it wasn't for the looks and the smiles. Please, I'm not that desperate to kiss James Franco." "How about Ashley Benson? "Erm, no." Ashley said flatly, "I'm not gay." "You don't have to be gay to kiss a girl Ash." Vanessa pointed out. But no, I'm not jealous of you for getting to kiss James or Ashley. I don't care who you sleep with." Trying not to be put off by that Vanessa quipped, "There wasn't much sleeping involved." "I bet." Ashley grinned, pulling back, "Well, tell me all the details." "Well..." Vanessa grinned wickedly. " Ashley quickly added with a giggle, and a blush, "I mean how did you hook up? Like, all four of us because we're playing friends, but especially the two of us because we ha such an intimate scene together." "So you all had sex together? Then she went in for the kill, asking if I'd ever thought about being with a girl, and when I said yes she asked if I wanted to hook up. Vanessa had just revealed so much, which totally overwhelmed Ashley. That, and trying to turn her on with all that talk about her fucking other girls. Oh God, did it work, and Ashley was 99% sure that Vanessa knew that.

Ashley had been looking forward to that a lot, but... They were innocent enough that everyone else dismissed them, but Ashley couldn't stop thinking about them. The other Ashley." Ashley said, adding the last part because it sounded weird to say her own name, "Or pretending to have sex with them." "It wasn't all pretend." Vanessa said softly. " Ashley exclaimed with a smile on her face, "You had sex with James Franco? It took way longer than it should have for Ashley to figure out what her friend meant, but when she did her little frown turned into a wide-eyed expression of shock, "Oh." There was long pause and then Vanessa looked apprehensive, "Is that... I answered by shoving my tongue down her throat, and then she gave me like the best pussy licking ever. But did she want to really risk her most important friendship just because she was overwhelmed and found a bunch of stories, which might not even be true, appealing? You don't like it, and then things are awkward between us for a few weeks? We'll both get super busy, and next time we see each other it will be like nothing happened. Just-" Vanessa was suddenly cut off by a pair of soft lips.

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Her first son, Johnathan Edward, with husband Doug Hehner was due on December 20, 2016, but the Married at First Sight star suffered a miscarriage.

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