Vegan dating non vegan am dating man 20 years older than me

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But if you don’t find love with someone who shares your core beliefs totally – don’t despair.No two people in a relationship can share all the same values exactly – especially since those tend to shift over the decades.Others are ‘veggans’ who will eat eggs and honey if they feel they’ve been responsibly sourced; for this group, compassion and kindness are of prime importance.Others, like actor Joaquin Phoenix, won’t even get into a car if the seats are made of leather. Lydia Mc Donald, a lawyer based in London, has been vegan for two years.’ She became vegan for the same reasons most do: “Eating meat is morally and ethically wrong. Luckily, there are vegan dating apps like Green Singles and Veggie Connection coming onto the market that help pair couples up – one, simply called Veg, is even known as ‘the cruelty-free Tinder’.Online platforms like Veggie Date and Vegan Passions allow members to meet and chat online…which may lead to a real life encounter.

I would never ever allow meat to be prepared or cooked in my house. So if my partner wasn’t vegetarian or vegan they’d have to adapt pretty quickly! If you love animals you don’t eat them or their by-products or allow the industry to survive. There are only so many local vegan fairs and festivals each year, and hanging out at the same vegan restaurant could look creepy after awhile!

They put themselves and their desires above all else.

I don’t want to be around those people.” But what if you fall in love with someone who doesn’t share your vegan values?

So what happens when you enter a relationship with someone who has not only a completely different diet to yours, but a different view on fundamental issues like definitions of kindness and compassion, health and wellbeing, spirituality and environmentalism?

Depending on what study you read, the proportion of US adults identifying as vegan has grown to incredible heights – some say up to 500% in the USA!

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