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Teenage dating 1970s

Despite his history of extremist views — he once said Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress, once called being gay “detestable,” flagrantly disobeyed federal court orders while chief justice, and just this year falsely asserted to a Vox reporter that some American communities in the Midwest lived under sharia law — he then seemed set to win a relatively easy victory against the Democratic nominee this December.Moore — even as misconduct allegations swirl — has not stopped spewing controversial comments on the campaign trail.Moore correctly perceived that Strange was vulnerable to a primary challenge, and that his own preexisting support base among evangelical activists could help propel him to victory.He led polls throughout, but eventually got an added assist from Steve Bannon, who endorsed him as part of a broader effort to unseat establishment-friendly GOP incumbents.

Still, he managed to defeat an establishment favorite in his party’s primary for the open Alabama Senate seat despite, or perhaps because of, all that.

Despite Democrats’ hopes of a wave in the 2018 midterms, it’s long been difficult to see how they’d manage to gain the three Senate seats they need to take control because the map of seats that happen to be up next year is overwhelmingly advantageous for the GOP.

Polls in the weeks after the allegations against Moore broke looked very promising for the Democratic nominee, Doug Jones, but Moore began regaining his lead at the end of November.

And since the chief justice position in Alabama is an elected one, that proved very useful to him.

In 2012, he ran for his old job again and won it back.

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