Simplepie cache not updating belarus woman for dating and marriage

Posted by / 04-Nov-2017 21:58

I was getting the same status report notification to install Simple Pie library when Simple Pie module isn't even installed.I had just installed the module recently (14JAN2015).

Download the compiled version of the library from Simple Pie download page.So: if you can get to your web server with a shell or if your FTP client allows you to, one idea is to create a virtual link between the path that is required and your actual location.If you're normally running multisite installs (I assume that's why you put the / in your modules path?1 root root 446731 Oct 30 2012 simplepie.-rw-r--r--.1 root root 446731 Oct 30 2012 A) in feeds cleared board B) creating the file mv simplepie_1.3.1.and a clearing of cache

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Now unfortunately you need to rename the file to 'simplepie.compiled.php' because that is what Apps is looking for. Can "Feeds Simple Pie Parser" be made into a submodule and the status-page warning be shown only when the submodule is enabled?

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