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Some are based in workplaces, others in academic settings.A great many involve different paranormal storylines, fantasy characters, mythological creatures, monsters and/or aliens.Otome is a still-emerging genre of mobile gaming which allows the user to roleplay as a character, typically female.The primary objective of otome games is to navigate social structures and eventually choose a NPC “boyfriend” after being presented with several options."Milktub" from creator Overdrive is apparently keen to create a new version, however -- he said as much in a message posted to fans shortly after Go!

And, thanks to that new audience, localizer Manga Gamer has seen a sharp uptake in sales -- not long after the game became available on Valve's platform, the company announced that it had sold 10,000 copies through Steam. The renamable player character is depicted as a slightly awkward individual who bumbles around going "Wow!

Reina Scully from Source Fed NERD explains the genre this way:, reverse harem anime follows a female protagonist who is surrounded by a bunch of sexy boys. […] The lead is indecisive about who [s]he wants to choose, and subsequently is sorta, kinda with all of them.

Developers working for American game companies are still trying to wrap their heads around expanding the otome appeal.

As previously noted, Akira has somewhat tendencies, while Makoto is more of the "older sister" type -- but both of them have their own hidden depths and surprises for you to discover as you spend a virtual week in their company. Facebook page, or via Twitter using the hashtag #Go Go Nippon.

The game does a good job of introducing you to certain Japanese cultural norms, traditions and rituals, too, even if you're unable to read the kana and kanji text in the Japanese text box. For now, well, I've got a plane to catch and a couple of gracious hostesses waiting for me to come back on another trip, so I'll see you all in Japan.

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It’s rare for classic otome games to employ any irony, unlike fun, comedic simulators like , in which the player woos and dates pigeons.

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