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In regards to the difficulty of moving forward with the tour, Brockie said: "It was hard. But the guys are superhuman chaos warriors from outer space, and we weren't gonna let it stop us.In fact, almost immediately we seized upon the opportunity as a way to show to the world that no matter how crappy a card you are dealt, that you can actually use this as a way to prove dominance and mastery more than ever.He was simultaneously generous, thoughtful, disgusting, and hysterical.[page] When I interviewed Brockie before GWAR's last Minneapolis show last October, we spoke briefly about the death of Cory Smoot, GWAR's former guitarist who died of a heart attack after playing a show at First Avenue in 2011.Read more We have created the funny and beautiful design of the Blog.

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Despite all the adversity, we found a way to rise above it, and I hope people take that as a lesson.

Far too many people take the sufferings of others, make them their own and use them as an excuse for their own pathetic, miserable lives to turn into shit, and we were absolutely not going to let that happen." I can't help but think Brockie would want the same attitude applied to his own passing.

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