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1123 King Henry I and his court spend Christmas at Kingsbury, Dunstable.1125 Work has started by this date on building the Augustinian Priory at Dunstable.1212 The priors receive King John's writ for the recovery of lands at Houghton.

(His son Gilbert disputes the gift but changes his mind when he develops leprosy).

Mossy, a Jew, unsuccessfully sues the prior for £700.

His friends pay the king a mark of gold and £100 to save him from hanging for forgery.

1217 Itinerant justices come to Dunstable and take the people's oath of allegiance to Henry III. The prior enforces his claims of tithe of hay against many parishioners.

The English barons with Louis, Dauphin of France, in arms against the king, halt for a night in Dunstable after their defeat at Lincoln, and badly damage the church. Robert, Bishop of Lismore, and Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, at Dunstable.

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