Advice on dating a person with a disability

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Advice on dating a person with a disability

Of limited detail by themselves, tracing a soldier’s career through the muster lists should lead you to a discharge date and would therefore allow you to find a record of discharge – likely to be the most detailed record available if the soldier did not receive an army pension.

Step 3: Search for a record of discharge (see section 7) Most soldiers were not discharged to pension and for those that weren’t the number and detail of surviving records is likely to be reduced.

More records of disability pensions are available in series PIN 71 but these records are not available online – see section 4 for more details.

Download, free of charge, digital microfilm copies of admission books from Royal Hospital Chelsea for pensions awarded to soldiers for length of service 1823-1913 (WO 117).

There remains a significant number of British Army records for soldiers from this period that cannot be viewed online.

To view these records, the most significant of which are highlighted in the following sections of this guide, you will either need to visit us to view them in person at our building in Kew, order copies of records to be sent to you (you will need the exact reference for the record) or pay for research.

Many of the most detailed records of soldiers from this period are available online and it is possible to search for these records with no more than a soldier’s name, though you will usually need some way of distinguishing him from other soldiers with the same name, such as his date of birth.

Search and download British Army service, pension and discharge records from uk (£).

You will need to know either where in the world he served at any point during his service or at least one of the regiments he served with to make a start.There are still, however, records which you can search for.Some of the most detailed documents of soldiers’ service up until the First World War are records that were kept for pension purposes.Where records have not been digitised you will usually need to know which regiment an individual served in to find records of him.This is especially so if he was, like most soldiers, not discharged to pension.

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These registers list men awarded out-pensions following their discharge from the regular army or the militia on grounds of disability (WO 116/1-165).

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